Now we aren’t going to lie, we like to keep it pretty to lo-fi at The Craft. If we are feeling something, we vibe it and share. If it’s not something that gets us feeling good, we usually rather leave it alone than create fake reviews and the like. It’s been a quiet few we know, but the lull has officially departed and there is so much good stuff (new and old) that has gotten us inspired and feeling refreshed.

We’ve collated a few artists that have gotten us back on the horse and being generally positive about the future of music…



Fronted by ever the enigmatic Baden Donegal, and hailing from the Northern beaches of Sydney, Ocean Alley have firmly placed their feet on the ground as a new favourite. With sounds similar to Sticky Fingers in some tracks (similar production values) yet edgier vocals, the reggae infused, psychedelic influenced rock is perfect for festival vibes and chilling out with some beers.

Fave tracks: Space Goat. Paradise a Burn.



Canadian wizards, BADBADNOTGOOD are killing it at the moment. Although formed in 2010, the crew known for their hip hop production and work with artists such as MF DOOM, Tyler the Creator, have taken on a new sound of late. The new sound and direction an effect of being on the road and being exposed to so much incredible music and artists, both live and sonically have allowed them to give way to a pretty incredible experimental jazz album.

Man of the moment Kaytranada features on the Cs-60 synth making it dreamy as hell.

Fave tracks: In Your Eyes (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson). Lavender (feat. Kaytranada)




It’s not everyday that Drake wants your vocal for a track on his new album, but that is exactly what happened to Snoh. Swedish born, LA based features on the track Do not Disturb from Drake’s More Life album. It’s the other music she has released, from the FEELS project (featuring Vince Staples) that has us playing her voice over and over.

She’s beautiful too. Sade, Lana Del Rey and Natalie Portman mixed together beautiful. Her smooth voice is reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse and we get all the feels.

Fave Tracks: Under the Influence Pt 2. Time. In your River.



Deep funk will always have a special place in our hearts, and it’s always refreshing to hear old obscure high school funk being reissued, pressed and delivered to our ears. Laden with beat heavy ballads, Bill Withers inspired soul, a pysch pop sensibilities, their whole album Doin’ It!!! is pretty amazing.

The track Merry Go Round recently got attention reignited when played in Aziz Ansari‘s Master of None credits.

Check it.



Auckland based group, Leisure are almost 2 bands amalgamated. No matter, because their brand of beat heavy dreamy R&B soul (or affectionately described as blue eyed soul psych pop) is perfect for prosecco and J’s on a cool summers night.



Sticky Fingers label mate (best known for , but legend in his own right, Lyall Maloney is a multi instrumentalist spanning across genres. His vibe is diversity, and he fuses reggae, psychedelic, hip hop, dub and folk elements smoothly. Sydney based Lyall has laid down some extensive stints on the festival circuit, and although hasn’t released anything in a while, is still gigging heavily.

Our  fave tracks of his are his collaborations with other artists that allow him to showcase his unique sound.

Fave Tracks: Velvet Skies. Overflow.