We caught up with Melbourne gurus Grasshole as they embark on a national tour to plug their latest album Fuzz of Flavour. Lead singer and guitarist, Karis gave us the low down.


Firstly, congratulations on the new release “Van Inhalin’ from your upcoming album Fuzz of Flavour – loving the tongue in cheek nature of this song. Can you explain the inspiration for the track for us?

Hey Karis here! Thanks heaps! It’s kinda an ode to the many years spent buckling down on conspiracies and cones. We wanted to make a tune that was just, well, “fuck yeah”. That’s the kinda riffs we would get around?


The clip is an absolute doozy. Plenty of pixelated nudity and that bloody Perspex guitar is a dream. Where did you get your hands on that axe (talking about the guitar obviously)?

It’s a one off custom Japanese that my mate picked up on adventures in Japan, the original customer never came back for it. I said if you ever sell it hit me up, 3 months after that talk I got the call, snapped it up. Shes called Casper, don’t ask.

Just quietly, is it weird getting naked with your Dad???

Well, I came out of his dick, so I guess pretty natural. But we are tight as, and he has excellent taste in music so gotta love the thoroughbred training I’ve had.


Your production by Angus Davidson and Pedro Ferriera is impressive. How did you get such heavy weights involved in the project?

Both are absolute stone cold legends. Angus we’ve known for a while, he’s an absolute champion behind the desk and done live sound for some of the biggest acts across the world over his days, but he loves our sound and has been with us since day 1.


Pedro was a brilliant addition we made through Fredrik while on tour in Sweden. We had a few great nights on the town and saw his amazing studio and dream of going back to track the 2nd album. Both keen to work on this record together so we’ve given him some of the punkier tracks to thrash down and its sounding huge!


What genre do you guys put yourself in? Your sound is not quite stoner, not quite doom, not quite punk – but definitely influences are drawn from all. So what bands inspire you?

So anything early 90’s automatically tickles our pickles. Really, we love anything from early Beatles right up to Kyuss. I think its important to keep the groove and heaviness, but retain the pop sensibility. One of our all time favourites are Biffy Clyro from Scotland. Especially on early albums, those dudes knew how to keep it unpredictable but smash out a hook.


You guys are fresh off a European tour. Where did you go and how were the shows received?

Damn we love Europe. Spanish and Swedish folks just wanted to party and got right into the live shows. Theyre big supporters of merch there so signing some records and taking a few beers was an absolute pleasure. Cant wait to get back hopefully next year.


We’ve noticed you’ve gone from a 2 piece, to a 3 piece with a bassist now joined. How did Fredrik come to play for Grasshole?

Fredrik has been a close mate of the band for some time. When we decided to really take the future of the band serious he was the only dude we hoped would fit the mold. Left a few bands, left an apartment and a solid job in Sweden, to come get his delinquent on with us in Aus. We have 2 years with him, after that need to get him hitched…hint hint


When we think of the word Grasshole, we assume it’s someone who smokes everyone else’s weed, but never has or shares their own. Is this a fair assumption?

Absolutely on point there, and lord knows we’ve all met a few in our time. The name actually came out of the idea of writing a tune for Schapelle Corby, so you know, go get em’


You got some pretty sweet tour dates coming up, pretty much any where and everywhere. What show are you most excited for?

We’ve never hit up the East Coast before, so its going to be a rad time doing Sydney and Brisbane! Honestly we all just love playing and can’t wait to do every show and meet people after each round. Come have a frothy with us after we change our tshirts 4 times.


What’s a song that you absolutely love, but hate to admit?

I wanna do a punk rock cover of Rhianna’s S n M but im not sure if the boys are down. We only listen to tunes that get us hard anyways, should have an actual guitar/drum kit in it.


Let’s talk a little about the gear you’re using.. what’s your set up like?

Imagine ALL the fuzzes plus some distortion pedals just to even you out. Its basically a giant fuzz wank for me n Fredrik. I think Rick wants to run his snare through a big muff too but we’ll see.


Lastly, if you could pick your tour line up – who would you be playing with, artists dead or alive?

Aww chuck me on the 90’s dreamboat of line-ups. Mudhoney, Melvins, Nirvana, wait…The Bronx, Biffy Clyro, Kvelertak – can I just plan a festival?

Guessing here, but I reckon Rick would be along the lines of Velvet Underground, Led Zeppelin and Biffy

Fred would also froth Arcane Roots, Kvelertak and Biffy too…. Seriously we love those Clyro kents.

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